Summer cocktail

As the weekend approaches, here is a cocktail recipe to kick things off. Originally, I was going to try out some classic cocktails that had slipped through my radar. I had my heart set on Daiquiri and I was sure it would be my summer favourite. Since I had my fare share of Aperol Spritz during our holiday in Italy I was also searching other ways to use Aperol. I found out that Aperol enjoys the company of any citrus. I ended up combining the results of these two things and almost by accident came up with this refreshing summer drink.

Silo in Brighton

I travelled outside of Finland without my parents for the first time when I was 17- years old. I went to visit a friend in Brighton with money that I had saved up from my summer job. During this trip I also visited London for the first time. I had no idea that I would be living there in 20 years time. Moving to London was never something I dreamed of, it was just somewhere life took me.

What makes a favourite restaurant?

It is never the one with most Michelin stars, or the one with the nicest décor or sometimes it is not even the one that offers the best food. Becoming one’s favourite restaurant requires a lot of things to take place.

Who is afraid of courgette or raw herring?

As a kid, my sister and I were very picky about food. I don’t know why, but what we wanted or would be willing to eat, was very limited. Our Aunt who lived in Sweden couldn’t understand how we refused to eat most of the things she put on our plate. This is how my favourite childhood game got started and it was played when we visited our Aunt. 

Two amazing restaurants in Positano

I am the master planner when it comes to traveling and choosing restaurants in a new location. I give my all to researching on advance. We stayed in Positano for two nights so narrowing down where to eat, from my list of 21 restaurants, was not easy. So, if you are going to Positano, no need to do any research, I have done the work for you.

Three beach options in Tulum

In Finland I always lived closed to the sea. Now we live on an island and sea has never felt so far away. Sorry England. I dream of living by the sea in a country where it is warm all around the year. For this dream to come true I have not chosen my partner wisely, since he doesn’t like the heat. I tell myself that I do, but I think the truth is that I like it in small doses. In Tulum we cycled to the beach every day and it is the best way to move around in Tulum. Here comes three different beachday options in Tulum.