BBC=Baileys, Banana and Cream

I was watching reality TV show called The Summer House when discovering this drink. Yes, I am a sucker for reality TV and living in England has made my addiction even worse.

I have an app on my ipad called ‘Hayu’.  That brings you all the reality shows next day from being aired in the US.

Even though the show has not yet made it to my top ten, this drink has. Time to use your blender for something else than green smoothies ladies.

Blend the following together to make 2 drinks

10 ice cubes

10 ml of Baileys

one banana

1,5 dl cream

Blend away and poor in to a class filled with ice cubes. These are insanely good. I made them after a dinner party as a desert and let me tell you nobody was asking for a coffee or cake after these. Even the boys loved them.

Golden Monogram glasses from Anthropologie

Sign up for HayU in

(In the second season the drink has involved and it is now Bayleys, Banana and Coconut. Sounds a bit to healthy for my taste but I might just give it a go.)


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