Three beach options in Tulum

In Finland I always lived closed to the sea. Now we live on an island and sea has never felt so far away. Sorry England. I dream of living by the sea in a country where it is warm all around the year. For this dream to come true I have not chosen my partner wisely, since he doesn’t like the heat. I tell myself that I do, but I think the truth is that I like it in small doses. In Tulum we cycled to the beach every day and it is the best way to move around in Tulum. Here comes three different beachday options in Tulum.

Playa Paraiso Beach Club

Open your wallet and pay about 10 pounds to get your own bed with white curtains on the beach. Best investment of the day, especially when you have already burned your skin but still want to go to the beach. You can order your Margarita and guacamole straight to the bed.

Tulum ruins

There is a lovely little beach inside this area and it does not cost you much to get in. You are paying to see the Mayan Ruins but the beach comes with the same price. I wonder if they build they city here just because of the beautiful beach?  Pack your swimsuit and also some snacks because once you there, there are no places to buy food from. Prepare to be surrounded by tourist and iguanas. Both friendly, so don’t worry. Compared to the rush hour  in London this was nothing.

Hotel Beaches

Choose a beach hotel with a good restaurant and head for breakfast, lunch or drinks. Use the hotel as your access to the beach. Sneaky, I know. But worth it once you get to the beach. Find yourself a place between the hotels and enjoy the sun and the endless beach with almost no company around. You can buy drinks from the hotel bars if you get thirsty.

At the moment I am dreaming of the Finnish archipelago and jumping in to the sea from a pier at my friends summer cottage.


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