Traveling and shopping

This is the most dangerous combination I know. You usually have some extra money put aside for your holiday and you want to buy a souvenier for yourself. I don’t know about you, but when I am on holiday it is a different person sitting on that lounge chair than the one who works 40 hours per week in London to make a living.

You are easy going, you talk to strangers and you even dress differently. And just there lies the trap of holiday shopping. You convince yourself, that this is the new you and you want to dress accordingly when you get back home to support this new you. This will lead to a fact that after coming home, in a few weeks time, you are looking at this stranger’s wardrobe, full of items that you can´t wear anywhere. This I learned on my trip to Thailand in 2009. That tank top with text on it will start feeling like a bad idea at the same time your tan starts to fade away.

So I have learned from this and my rule is that even though it is a holiday souvenier, it needs to be something that I can actually use back home. The previous time we were in Mexico I bought a handbag. The leather that they use is so thick it will last a lifetime. Coming home I wished I had bought two of them. I love items that age beautifully and change with time but still maintain they structure. When we headed to Mexico this time I knew what I wanted to buy for myself. I was spoiled with choices.

With handbags I try to keep it small. I used to carry around a huge bag where you could fit everything. I have down shifted from this to preferring to carry a smaller handbag, that forces you to think what you really need. I don’t carry my make up with me anymore. What I put on my face in the morning needs to last the whole day. If I know, that I am going out in the evening after work, I take just my red lipstick with me and use it for my lips and cheeks to refresh my look before I head out. Less is more. I am looking forward to have many years with my new bag and hope that the old one still has at least some years left. You would not believe it, but the colour of the leather in the old one used to be as light as in the new one. Amazing what a time can do.









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