Two amazing restaurants in Positano

I am the master planner when it comes to traveling and choosing restaurants in a new location. I give my all to researching on advance. We stayed in Positano for two nights so narrowing down where to eat, from my list of 21 restaurants, was not easy. So, if you are going to Positano, no need to do any research, I have done the work for you.

I tried to book few of the restaurants online, but did not have much success. Since we were in Positano at the beginning of May, which is the beginning of the tourist season, we had no trouble getting a table once we were there.

We had our first dinner at Da Vincenzo, which was on the top of my list. We stumbled on it on our way to the centre and decided to book a table for the evening and I am so glad we did.

All the waiters in Positano were amazing. They were proud of the work they were doing and wanted to make sure we had the best experience at their restaurant. I love a confident waiter who helps you choose the best dishes and recommends a good wine to pair it with.


We had two starters, deep-fried mini pizzas and calamari. The second one was one of the best dishes of the trip. The calamari was companied with pickled potatoes and had the freshest pesto to go with it. You won’t be disappointed if you order this.

Our mains were zucchini pasta and tomato soup. Both dishes were very simple but still so tasteful. I do have to say a word of warning about the pasta. As the rest of the world over cooks they pasta, me included, get ready for some very Al Dente pasta experience in here. The dessert was not my favourite but was saved by the waiters good pairing with a very interesting dessert wine.


On our second night we ate at Next2. I know the name makes you feel like you are going to see nineties euro Disco band performing, but you need to get over that and head over here for an amazing dinner. Next2, in spite of the name, is very modern restaurant with a beautiful interior and very tasty and Instagram friendly food. Don’t skip the cocktails in this establishment because they will set the tone for the quality that is coming.

cocktails.editamushebouche.editThe most memorable and beautiful dish was the ricotta filled courgettes that you can see at the beginning of this post. I have never been a huge fan of courgette and I was determined to learn to love it after this trip and I definitely chose the right place to practice.



Our mains were gnocchi dish with peas and some pancetta and we also tasted polpetta polenta dish. The presentation of the dishes made them special and memorable. All the ingredients used here are the highest quality and you can see that this restaurant is aiming to be the best in Positano. To give it a nice touch the restaurant sends you Amuse bouche and served some sweet snacks with our espresso at the end of the dinner.



I will definitely try and make a good courgette pasta dish in my home kitchen and will stir some sort of Limoncello cocktail with soda and basil in my kitchen this summer.

Dinner for two in Da Vincenzo was around 120 euros and in Next2 180 euros. This includes food and drinks. So they are not your budget restaurants but I do think both of them are definitely worth it and compared to London you may not be able to get this level of food at this price. If the price scares you I still recommend going and having one pasta dish and class of wine instead off full dinner and you can be out of there with a bill of 20-30 euros.

Ooops, was I being too fancy there with the word Amuse bouche? Don’t worry, it is just free food that comes from the kitchen. Eat and Enjoy.

Da Vincenzo

172 viale Pasitea

84017 Positano SA


Via Pasitea, 242

84017 Positano SA