What makes a favourite restaurant?

It is never the one with most Michelin stars, or the one with the nicest décor or sometimes it is not even the one that offers the best food. Becoming one’s favourite restaurant requires a lot of things to take place.

I like easy-going atmosphere that makes you welcome. I feel at home when the restaurant is not too intimidating, especially when you don’t have to think if you are dressed the right way when you walk in to the restaurant. Even though I love planning, I also love restaurants that I can still get a table by calling on the same day or just by heading there before it gets crowded.

Price plays a big part as well. London has a lot of nice restaurants with higher price point but what is best about eating out in London is that there are so many places where you can get a very good dining experience with a relatively modest price. For me, one of the most important parts is that after paying I feel that the food was worth the price. High or low but you need to feel you got your moneys worth.

When I go out to eat I want to eat something I would not cook at home. There are times when we have left a restaurant and I have thought that I will cook that same dinner at home and it would be much better. I want combinations I would not try at home and I want new ways of combining ingredients and I want new cultures on my plate.

What my favourite restaurants also need is consistency. I want to know that the quality of food that I am getting is same every time. There is nothing more annoying than taking your friend to a restaurant that you chose and then the experience is different than what you are used to. This is the number one thing that will make me find a new favourite restaurant. Because let’s face it, in London you have lots of options.


I am not able to say that I have only one favourite restaurant but there are few that I keep going back to. Strut and Cluck in Shoreditch is one of them. My boyfriend found the restaurant via app called Dojo that gives you good selection of restaurants around you. I highly recommend the App, it has taken us to lot of good places. If you are visiting London and are getting overwhelmed by options try it out. It works for Londoners as well, I always check out the new openings and it gives you good tips on soft launch offers as well.


Strut and Cluck offers Eastern Mediterranean inspired food and they specialise on turkey meat. There is a lot of grilling and roasting and the use of herbs and spices is incredible. As many of my favourite London restaurants this one was born as a pop up before opening they doors in Shoreditch. If you like Ottolenghi you will like this restaurant as well.

Finnish food is very far from Mediterranean food but my grandparents used to have turkeys. They would follow my grandma around in the yard thinking that she was they leader. Little did they know. Even though Strut and Cluck has turkey on they menu it is a good spot to take your vegetarian friends as well. There are a lot of options on the menu without meat. We always order things to share rather than everyone ordering their own dish. My favourite things from the menu are the charred cauliflower and hand-pulled shawarma but the best thing is that there are still things in the menu that I have not even tried.


I also adore the interior design at this restaurant, there is something about it that I can’t really put my finger on it, but I just love it. It looks effortless.

I will be going again and so should you.

Find this Shoreditch gem near Shoreditch high street Overground station at

151-153 Commercial Street

E1 6BJ




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