Silo in Brighton

I travelled outside of Finland without my parents for the first time when I was 17- years old. I went to visit a friend in Brighton with money that I had saved up from my summer job. During this trip I also visited London for the first time. I had no idea that I would be living there in 20 years time. Moving to London was never something I dreamed of, it was just somewhere life took me.

Lots of things were different then, I had just gotten my first mobile phone. It was Nokia, a Finnish brand that no one seems to know is Finnish, at least none of my friends in UK. At that time you did not buy your flights online, instead you went to a travel agency to get them. I also went to bank to get the money for the tickets and paid them with cash because my ATM card did not allow me to get that much money out at once. Back in those days, the level of planning that went to traveling abroad was something else.

At that age being abroad in a new country was so exciting that I would have probably loved everything no matter where I would had been. A while ago we travelled to Brighton where I had not been back since my first visit 20 years ago. Lots of things had changed but a lot looked familiar.


Something that was not on any 17- years old mind 20 years ago was recycling and if you would had introduced ‘no waste’ ideology to me back then I don’t know how well it would had been received. But here we are in a new era where everyone is somewhat aware that what you put in to your bin does not magically disappear. In Finland recycling is light years ahead of UK and after moving here I have found a new appreciation to how easy recycling has been made for every household in my home country.


We can make certain amount of decisions ourselves when it comes recycling but what we really need is companies to start caring and governments to build better infrastructures for recycling. To not drift too far away from what I was writing about let me introduce a very interesting restaurant from Brighton called Silo.


Silo is a Restaurant, Brewery, Bakery and Coffee House all under one roof. The idea is not just about recycling, it is more about how do we live so that there would not be waste in the first place, how to re-use things and not to be left with un-used parts. I know there is an amazing ideology behind this restaurant but if I am honest it was not the reason why we went there. We chose this restaurant because the food was said to be good, and it certainly was.



The restaurant has two menus Plant and Omni. Set menu is £38 and it has 5 amazing dishes. To add drinks to the menu will cost additional £28 and if you want the full experience I highly recommend taking the tasting menu with the drinks, they are perfectly paired. You can also order individual dishes from the menu and if you do, don’t pass the smoked carrot. I can tell you that I do not understand how can you make a carrot taste that good. I need to start working on my carrot cooking skills this summer.


For a while now bread has become important part of a good restaurant and I often as well judge a restaurant by they bread and it sets my expectations to a certain level. In Silo you won’t be disappointed. This is my favourite thing about this restaurant, they don’t just bake their bread there they go a step further. They have their own flourmill and they churn their own butter. I also tried out their Kombucha. I don’t have a lot to compare it with but the verdict was I liked it, my boyfriend didn’t. The menu changes constantly but I have seen the smoked carrot as a part of different dishes so make sure to order that.


At the end of the dinner we were very pleased that we had chosen this restaurant and since we liked everything about it we asked our waiter where should we go for drinks. We got directions to head to Plotting Parlour. We had to wait for a bit to get a table, but once we got in the cocktails were amazing and totally worth the wait.

Check these places out when you are in Brighton the next time

We stayed at this lovely place that I also recommend


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