Summer cocktail

As the weekend approaches, here is a cocktail recipe to kick things off. Originally, I was going to try out some classic cocktails that had slipped through my radar. I had my heart set on Daiquiri and I was sure it would be my summer favourite. Since I had my fare share of Aperol Spritz during our holiday in Italy I was also searching other ways to use Aperol. I found out that Aperol enjoys the company of any citrus. I ended up combining the results of these two things and almost by accident came up with this refreshing summer drink.

Here is what you need

4cl (2oz) of white Rum

2cl (1oz) of Aperol

Juice of 2 limes

Agave syrup



Fill up your shaker with ice and add in the rum and Aperol. Squeeze in juice from two limes and add a squeeze of syrup. Shake it! Fill your class with ice and pour in the mix of your shaker, this should make your class half full. Then top it up with soda and stir before serving. I just adore the colour of this drink, it is like summer in a glass.


I dream of drinks trolley, where I could set up a nice display of bar ware and bottles, but you don’t actually need all that to make nice cocktails at home. The most important thing is a shaker and ice. Ice is the cheapest luxury you can buy. I also love my lime squeezer. It becomes very handy if you have guests and need to make more than one cocktail. It is also the best way to get all the juices out from your citrus fruits when cooking or making drinks. What I also have in my pantry are small soda cans. I used to buy the bottles but realized that I was always left with a half of bottle that had gone flat. The cans are a perfect solution for this. Always fresh and no leftovers! One more thing that I use is a spirit measure. Nothing ruins a party like too strong cocktails that knocks half of your guests out before the evening has even started.

Give this cocktail a try, I promise you wont be disappointed.