Summer cocktail

As the weekend approaches, here is a cocktail recipe to kick things off. Originally, I was going to try out some classic cocktails that had slipped through my radar. I had my heart set on Daiquiri and I was sure it would be my summer favourite. Since I had my fare share of Aperol Spritz during our holiday in Italy I was also searching other ways to use Aperol. I found out that Aperol enjoys the company of any citrus. I ended up combining the results of these two things and almost by accident came up with this refreshing summer drink.


Two amazing restaurants in Positano

I am the master planner when it comes to traveling and choosing restaurants in a new location. I give my all to researching on advance. We stayed in Positano for two nights so narrowing down where to eat, from my list of 21 restaurants, was not easy. So, if you are going to Positano, no need to do any research, I have done the work for you.