Silo in Brighton

I travelled outside of Finland without my parents for the first time when I was 17- years old. I went to visit a friend in Brighton with money that I had saved up from my summer job. During this trip I also visited London for the first time. I had no idea that I would be living there in 20 years time. Moving to London was never something I dreamed of, it was just somewhere life took me.


What makes a favourite restaurant?

It is never the one with most Michelin stars, or the one with the nicest décor or sometimes it is not even the one that offers the best food. Becoming one’s favourite restaurant requires a lot of things to take place.

Two amazing restaurants in Positano

I am the master planner when it comes to traveling and choosing restaurants in a new location. I give my all to researching on advance. We stayed in Positano for two nights so narrowing down where to eat, from my list of 21 restaurants, was not easy. So, if you are going to Positano, no need to do any research, I have done the work for you.

Mexican in London

In Jamie Oliver´s foodie forecast for 2017 he listed tacos as number 6 in his list. This has been long time coming but I do believe that this trend has not seen it´s peak yet. As a huge lover of all things Mexican I can’t wait for this to happen. I have tested quite a few Mexican restaurants in London, not yet finding the same satisfaction that I have experienced in Taquerias in Mexico.